Maatrum Technologies is an Indian start-up creating an Online Real Estate Title Verification system powered by technology.

What we’ve done

The Maatrum Property Report helps home buyers, home owners and real estate lawyers get legal details about a property without much hassle. More importantly, the information is presented in an easy-to-understand format to ensure that the user can take informed decisions about the transactions.

The Guideline Value Report gives the user the latest government issued guideline value on their respective property. It also includes information about the land classification.

The Property Checklist makes it easy for a home buyer to know what property documents their lawyer will need to perform a thorough title diligence on their respective property.

The government of Tamil Nadu has done a fabulous job of digitising property documents since 1987. All the information that is used in our reports is derived directly from Tamil Nadu government resources, including the popular website TNREGINET that is maintained by the registration department. This ensures that our legal reports are truly authentic and up-to-date.

As of now, we have launched our products for Tamil Nadu alone.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate patriots that want to solve India’s most challenging problems and hence add real value to our customers.

Anosh is the Founder and CEO of Maatrum Technologies. He is part of the promoter family that manages Dr. Agarwal’s group of Eye Hospitals, a chain of over 70 eye hospitals in India and Africa. He was a practicing eye surgeon and is also an M.B.A graduate from Harvard Business School.

Rajaguru heads Operations at Maatrum. He has over a decade's experience in business analysis and operations at Dr.Agarwal's Eye Hospital

Karthik works closely with the legal team to ensure that the reports are spot-on and that they reach the customer on time. He is a gold medalist in business administration.

Prithvi focuses on performing research on huge data sets to identify the relevant data in the real estate documents. This research forms the basis of our search algorithms. He also has experience in real estate development.

Prem leads the technology team at Maatrum. He has over two decade's experience in building various software solutions for companies across the globe. In his last project before Maatrum, he and his team built a revolutionary software for the U.S. government to help digitize the legislative process for Council in the states of Washington DC and Minneapolis.

Senthil is the technology architect and the lead engineer of Team Maatrum. He has a decade of experience with various technology stacks.

Uthaya is a back-end developer with over a decade of experience. He is also passionate about teaching people how to program.

James is a front-end developer with incredible passion in the domains of UI and UX.

Anandan ensures quality control; he ensures all the software that powers Maatrum is robust and bug-free.

Mohideen plays a key role in sales and customer support.