An all-encompassing and easy to understand property report prepared by our real estate lawyer, which provides you with:

Property Rating

Encumbrance Certificate



The rating indicates how safe a property is from legal dispute and if the property is mortgaged

One Score

Maatrum’s rating indicates the legal health of your property in a snapshot using 7 parameters.

Compare E.C. & Patta

We compare the name of the owner of a property, size and survey number to get a clear picture of the property

Only relevant documents

We perform a thorough title search for your Tamil Nadu property to find all relevant documents, be it E.C’s or Patta.

Sourced directly from the government.

We use official records directly obtained from the websites maintained by the Government like TNREGINET.

Hassle Free

Our step by step form guides you and saves you the hassle of running around government offices.

For Home Owners
  • Verify the details of your property
  • Give an interested buyer or broker a summary of the property.
  • Obtain a loan from a bank
For Property Buyers
  • Verify the details of the property before you buy.
  • Give a lawyer the summary of the property for quicker legal advice.
For Lawyers
  • Speed up the process of giving clients legal advice.
  • Speed up the process of giving banks 'Title Opinions'

Mr. Sabesan R

Property owner, Chennai

I own a property in the outskirts of Chennai that I don't visit often. At, I routinely confirm that there is no fraudulent registration, and all this online in less than five minutes.

Mr. Ramkumar

Property buyer, Madurai

I wanted to do a background check of the property I was considering to buy. Maatrum property report gave me all the important details in a simple, easy-to-understand format with which I could take an informed decision.